Fencing Varieties You Have Available To You

4 December 2018
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A wood fence can add a lot of benefits to your yard, as well as your home. When you decide you would like a wood fence you should take plenty of time to ensure you choose the right one for all your needs. Here is some information to help you determine which type of wood fence is right for you.

Different styles of wood fencing

You can choose from many styles, including your basic privacy fence, a semi-privacy fence where the boards are staggered so the view of your yard is only partially hidden, picket fences, split rail fences, and many other styles.

The style of fence you go with will depend on why you want it. If you are having a fence put in for privacy, a basic privacy fence is the way to go. If you want to add a touch of décor to the border of your yard, then a picket fence or a split rail fence may be best for you.

Different types of wood

You are also going to want to determine which type of wood you want your wood fence to be made from. You can choose from such woods as different types of cedar, different types of redwood, different types of pine, and many other types of wood.

Different types of wood will be important when it comes to making your decision. Cedar is commonly chosen because this type of wood doesn't come with the risk of termite and pest infestation and it also has a nice look to it. The type of cedar you choose will also depend on your budget and your personal preference with regards to the way each type looks.

Different ways to incorporate wood fencing

Not only can you have a wood fence installed to give you a look and other features you want, you can also have partial wood fencing incorporated into other types of walls or fencing. For example, you can have a wood fence and then have a wrought iron decorative gate installed at the entrance to the yard and even the entrance of the driveway. Or you can have a wood fence incorporated into a brick wall, using short boards to add a decorative touch to the top of the wall. You can also have a partial wood fence installed, that is only used to add privacy to a portion of your property, such as the backyard that faces a busy street.