Five Ways To Add Security To A Chain Link Fence

20 September 2018
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A chain-link fence is a great way to add privacy to any type of property. It also adds security to the property but can be easy to scale. For this reason, people who install chain-link fences tend to add extra security measures to it. There are several types of additions that can be used with chain-link fences. The type that you choose will be based on the reason for the security. This guide goes over security additions for the fences and which type works best for certain situations.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a great way to keep people from climbing over the top of a chain link fence. The wire can be attached in single straight lines along the top or a continuous wire that rolls like a spiral. The barbed wire should also angle out from the fence in a slight "L" shape, making it even more difficult to scale the fence. Each method is very effective.


When you want to keep people from scaling the fence, you need to make the height of the fence higher than normal. A security fence should be at least six feet high. The higher you go, the more security it adds to the property.


Security cameras are a great way to monitor your property. The cameras can be installed directly on the fence. Space out the cameras as far as possible without jeopardizing the view. You don't want there to be any gaps in the coverage of the property. You can also install cameras on the building that are aimed towards the fence line so you can capture every possible spot.


A lot of people try to climb over the fences. Others will try to dig a hole along the fenceline and crawl underneath. Always bury at least two feet of chain line fence when you are installing the fence. This will keep people from digging underneath it.


One of the most drastic measures of security that you can add to a chain-link fence is electricity. The fence will give anyone who touches it a powerful electrical shock. This is usually enough to keep anyone from trespassing on the property. You should always have a warning on the fence if it is electrical.


When you need to secure your property, any of the methods above will be suitable and do the job. Combining several methods together will give you even more protection. Contact a commercial chain-link fencing contractor for more information.