Three Benefits Of Installing An Electric Driveway Gate In Your Fence

20 July 2018
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There are a wide range of benefits associated with installing a fence in your yard, from the increased security and privacy to the simple aesthetic appeal that they offer. However, a fencing system with an electric gate has a number of notable advantages when compared to fences that are lacking an opening gate, or any gate at all. Understanding the advantages offered to your yard's fencing with the installation of an electrically powered gate can help you figure out if such a gate is the right fit for your needs.

Complete Perimeter

One of the largest advantages associated with installing an electrically powered gate is the fact that it will completely enclose the perimeter of your yard. Fences without gates leave the driveway or another gap open in your yard, which can still allow intruders and animals into your yard (and pets and children out). Further, regular gates can be opened by hand, reducing the amount of security that they offer. Electrically powered gates are made out of heavier materials that cannot be easily moved without the aid of a motor, reducing the risk of people gaining access to your property. Consider bringing in a fence contractor to help with your perimeter.


In a somewhat similar vein to the above point, unlike regular gates which need to be opened by hand whenever you drive up, electric gates give you the ability to open and close your gate from the interior of your vehicle, reducing the hassle associated with them. Furthermore, you can open the gate up for visitors as they arrive from the comfort of your own home, effectively buzzing them in and closing the gate after them to have complete control over who is able to enter your driveway.

Property Value and Curb Appeal

Another massive consideration associated with electric gates installed at the end of your driveway or elsewhere on your property is the fact that they provide a huge aesthetic benefit. Beyond continuing the aesthetic built by your fence and completing the perimeter, electric gates offer their own aesthetic appeal through custom designs which can improve the appearance of your landscape. This can help boost the curb appeal and thus the potential listing price of your home. Furthermore, the practical advantages associated with a convenient self-opening gate that boosts your yard's security and privacy can also raise the property value of your home, which is something to consider if you are going to be moving at any point in the near future.