Factors That Affect The Final Cost Of Having A New Fence Installed

21 February 2018
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If you need a new fence around your yard, the first step is to get estimates for the job so you can schedule quality work at a fair price. You know that the type of fencing material you choose and the size of your yard play a big role in how much the fence will cost. Here are some other things that could affect the final price of your new fence.

Permits And Surveys

Your local codes office may require a building permit to put up a new fence. You'll also need to have underground utility lines located and marked before the contractor starts digging. Also, it's a good idea to have a land survey done just to make sure your new fence is on your property and far enough away from any easements. A permit, utility line location, and survey add to the cost of your new fence. Some fees may be included in the fencing estimate or they could be additional fees on top of the estimate.

Removal Of Old Fencing

If your fencing contractor has to tear down the old fence and clear the ground before a new fence can be installed, you'll probably need to pay more. Ask your contractor about the price difference if you tear down the old fence yourself. Also, find out if you should prepare the land by clearing weeds or prepping the ground.

Condition Of The Land

The ideal land for fence installation is a flat grade and soft soil. However, that may not be the case with your lot. If the land is hilly, that may require more work when installing your fence in order to get a uniform line on top of the fencing. The fence may need to be installed in a stairstep fashion to go up and down hills. If the land is rocky or made of hard clay, the installer could run into problems digging post holes, and that could ultimately affect the price of your fence because labor costs would be higher.

Cost Of Supplies

It's possible you can save money on your new fence by buying supplies yourself when they are on sale at a home improvement store. If you are sure you can figure out exactly what you need, you can buy the fencing material at a discount and then hire an installer to put up the fence. However, it is still a good idea to get an estimate that includes the cost of materials as well as labor. A contractor gets supplies at a low cost and then marks up the price to make a profit. The final cost of supplies may not be much more than what you would pay at a store anyway and when you let the contractor buy supplies, you can be sure everything will be on hand when installation begins.

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