Getting Older And Can't Handle Your Large Dog As Well? Use A Fence To Help You

16 January 2017
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If you are getting older and having a hard time taking your dog out and walking it, this can be hard to deal with.  If you do not currently have a fence and you have a large back or front yard, installing one can be of great help to you. With a fence, you can simply open your door to let your dog out and they can do their business, as well as run around and play. When they are finished, they will come back to the door to be let back in. Below are three different types of fences you can choose from to help you get started.

Wood Picket Fence

One type you can choose from is a wood picket fence. This type of fence looks great and is very study. The slats have small spaces between them, and if they are tall enough your dog would have a very difficult time jumping over this type of fence. You can paint a wood picket fence any color you like. To make the fence look even more beautiful and keep your dog away from it, consider planting climbing roses that will climb up and over the fence.

Split Rail

A split rail fence may also work well for you. The posts for this type of fence are generally wooden with wood cross rails. The fence is also very durable. If you choose this, you have to install fabric inside the fence or your dog may use the rails to climb up and over the fence. You can plant shrubs, rose bushes, etc. along the fence line to hide the fabric.

Chain Link

You will see many homes with chain link fences and they work well if you have dogs. The holes in the fence are too small for even a small dog to get through. You can find these fences in a variety of heights, and they are less expensive than the other options. You do not have to choose the grey/silver color for a chain link fence, as they are available in colors like black, tan, and brown.

Contact a fencing company like Harrington & Company to learn more about these fences, as well as others. You can visit the company to see the fences firsthand so you will know exactly what they will look like. This can help you decide what would work best for you and your dog.