3 Ways To Keep Your Horses Safe When You Install An Electric Fence

9 January 2017
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If you plan on installing an electric fence around your horse's pasture, or if you recently had an electrical fence installed around your horse's pasture, here are three ways that you can help keep your horse safe.

#1 Provide A Sandy Area For Your Horse

If your horse likes to roll around in the dirt, make sure that you provide a specific area within your pasture for your horse to do so. Construct an area out of sand so that your horse knows where to go when they want to roll around. Make sure that this area is located far away from your electric fences. That way when your horse rolls around they will not accidentally roll into your new electric fence and get shocked. Setting up a specific sandy area for your horse to roll around in will help keep your horse safe.

#2 Be Careful About Where You Place Food

Next, make sure that you are careful about where you place your horse's food within their pasture. You don't want to put your horse's water trough right up against the fence or throw hay right near the fence. You don't want to put your horse in a position where they get shocked just because they are trying to eat their food and do what they are supposed to do.

Put your horse's water trough in the middle of the field, far away from the fence, and put their food away from the fence as well. If you use a salt lick for your horses, put up a salt lick within their pasture that is not connected to the electric fence around the end of the pasture. Also, when you take grain out to your horse, don't leave the bucket hanging on a fence post. This could prove too tempting for your horse.

#3 Introduce Your Horse To The Pasture

If you are moving your horse to a new pasture, or if you get a new horse and are adding them to your existing pasture, you are going to want to introduce them to the pasture. Turn off the electrical fence when you do so. This is for your safety and your horse's safety. Walk your horse around the perimeter; this will help your horse learn their boundaries. Once the horse is comfortable, turn the electric fence back on.

Make sure that you take the time to introduce your horse to their new electric fenced pasture, and be sure to set up the items and things your horse needs in such a manner so that your horse will not get electrocuted trying to do everyday tasks.