The Perks of Choosing Vinyl Fencing

4 January 2017
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If you have an old fence that is falling down or just looks outdated, it might be cheaper and easier to just replace it completely. Old wooden fences can be touched up and repaired, but the work might be more time consuming and expensive than just installing a brand new product. This can be especially true if you are able to preserve the existing footings for the posts. You can replace an old wooden fence with a modern, vinyl product that has a faux wood print. These look just like real wood fences, but require a fraction of the maintenance. This article explains the perks of choosing vinyl fencing.

Vinyl Prints and Textures

The prints and textures available from most vinyl manufacturers are wide ranging. Admittedly, the most popular options are plain, shiny, and usually white. Many people love the look of a white picket fence. However, vinyl is actually made in a lot of styles that you might have never seen. The fake wood prints are definitely the most popular. These prints are very complicated and they even have a texture to match the wood grains so the vinyl looks and feels almost like real wood. You will probably be able to tell that it is not actual wood, but most people won't be able to determine this without actually taking a very close look.

Vinyl Doesn't Need to Be Painted

The fact that vinyl doesn't need to be painted makes it very attractive, particularly the homeowners who had previously owned wood art keen on the maintenance. Every piece of your vinyl fence will be dyed. This means the fence is the same color on the inside as it is on the outside. This not only significantly reduces fading but also means that scratches in your fence won't be as noticeable. Also, the fact that you never need to paint the vinyl fence means that you will save a lot of time and money over the years. Since wooden fences are costly getting wet from precipitation and your sprinklers, the maintenance can be painstaking. Luckily, vinyl is super easy to keep up.

A fence that needs little to no maintenance is possible with vinyl that has a fake wood finish. If you are still unconvinced about the style of vinyl, go look at it in person or order a sample. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by how authentic it looks. For more information, talk to a company like Invisible Fence Brand by Coyner Associates.