Tips For Protecting Your Aluminum Fence From Damage

16 December 2016
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A classic chain link fence is one of the more popular fencing styles due to its ease of installation and relatively low cost. This type of fencing looks attractive in the yard and keeps the property protected. If you want your chain link fence to last for many years while looking nice at the same time, you need to make sure you take care of it properly. Here are some care tips you can follow.

Properly plant the posts

Posts should be placed in the ground with a cement barrier to keep them in place. You shouldn't have any loose posts that are simply dug into the ground. Cement holds the posts taut in place so the entire length of fence is sturdy without a bending give. If any of the posts become loose, you can have the entire fence start to sway, which can bend support posts and cause gates to not close.

Pull trees and roots out

Tree suckers, or those little plants that grow off larger trees from seeds that are scattered, can grow into your fence line and cause it to warp. Tree roots can also lift your fence up out of its foundation and cause it to become imbalanced. Remove all traces of trees from your fence line, even if the little saplings don't appear to be bothersome right now. In a few years you don't want to have to dig them out. You also want to remove other plants from your fence line to prevent weed growth and disorganization around its border.

Install vinyl slats

Vinyl slats installed in the links of your fence can help prevent sagging and fill in areas that have been snipped or torn due to age or wear. These slats, which can be purchased in a variety of hues including white and black, also offer a sense of security by making your property more private. Vinyl slats can be placed along just one side of your fence for reinforcement or along the entire perimeter. You can buy vinyl slats at your local home remodeling store.

Chain link should last for many years with minimal care, but you can do additional things to make it last and look more attractive while doing so. These care tips are easy to implement and help you have a reliable fencing structure that you can enjoy for as long as you are in your home.

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