Three Upgrades You Should Consider For Your Commercial Fence

15 December 2016
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The fence that keeps your business safe may be one of the most important features of your property. However, you may not be aware of some of the upgrades that can be made to a fence that may greatly improve the convenience, security, and durability of it.

Automatic Gates

If your business will regularly have cars and trucks entering and leaving the fenced area, you may want to invest in automatic gates to improve traffic flow without compromising security. These gates can be controlled with either a personalized access code or identification cards. Once the gate is activated, it will open so that the car can leave before closing. While these gates can be rather expensive, improving the flow of traffic and sparing your workers and customers from having to open the gate in the rain can be more than worth this expense.

Gutters Around The Perimeter Of The Fence

Erosion around the fence posts can be a major problem for any type of fencing system. As this erosion worsens, the fence post will start to become unstable. Eventually, this will result in the post tipping over, which can compromise entire sections of your fence.

You can easily combat this erosion by simply installing gutters around the fence perimeter. This will help to channel the majority of the runoff away from the fence posts so that the soil will not be eroded. For those that do not want unsightly gutters on their property, French drains are a more discreet option that will achieve the same results, but they will be a more costly option that will take much longer to install. As a result, you should carefully weigh the value of the cosmetic benefits of French drains.

Motion Activated Lights On The Fence Posts

The security of your business is a top priority. As a result, you are likely to have security cameras and other systems in place to protect the building. You may be able to supplement these systems through the installation of motion activated lights on the fence posts. These lights will turn on when movement is detected. In addition to startling the criminal, these lights will make it easier for your security cameras to capture clear images of the perpetrators. To minimize the effect that these lights will have on your electrical bill, you can choose solar powered lights that will charge throughout the day. Considering that these lights will only activate when movement is present, their minimal energy needs can easily be met with solar power.

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