Vinyl Fence Suffering From Damage? Learn How To Fix Those Holes

5 December 2016
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Many homeowners love using vinyl fencing to protect their yard. The material is simple to have installed, easy to clean, and doesn't require much maintenance over time. Be aware that one possible problem you could run into with vinyl fencing is holes. This typically happens in the winter, when very cold temperatures could make the material brittle, causing it to break. Thankfully, these holes can be patched up by following these directions.

Gathering Tools and Materials

You'll need to gather the following items before you get started with the repair.

  • Spray can of foam insulation
  • Spray paint that matches your fence color
  • Medium and fine grit sandpaper
  • Body filler (plastic)
  • Saw
  • Water
  • Towel

Prepping The Area

Use a towel and water to clean off the part of the fence that needs to be repaired. Be sure that the area has completely dried before you continue with any additional steps.

Filling The Hole

Use your spray can with foam insulation for filling the inside of the hole. You want to fill it with enough insulation so that it comes out from the hole. The foam will then need to set and harden overnight.

Be sure to pick a day where there is not any snow or rain in the weather forecast to do this. If you are unexpectedly hit with some precipitation, use plastic and tape to cover the hole so it remains dry.

Cutting And Sanding

You can use a small handsaw to remove all of the excess foam insulation protruding from the fence. Try to get as close to the fence as possible without scratching the surface. Next, use your sandpaper with a medium grit to smooth out spray foam. It can take a while, but creating a flush finish will make the repair unnoticeable.

Applying Body Filler

Apply a plastic body filler in a thin layer directly to the spray foam. Be sure to follow instructions provided by the manufacturer for drying time, and allow it to dry before sanding the surface again with a fine sandpaper.

Painting The Fence

Wipe down the area using a slightly damp cloth, then let the fence dry again. You're now ready to apply paint to your fence where the hole once was. Make sure the coat is thin to prevent pain dripping, and apply an additional coat once the first coat has dried.

Don't feel confident making this repair on your own? You can always replace the panel, or hire a fencing contractor from a company like Allied Fence of Tampa Bay to repair the hole for you.