Notice Wear And Tear On Your Fencing From A Leaning Bicycle? 3 Ways To Get It Back In Shape

1 December 2016
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If you don't have any indoor storage for your bicycle, you may have resorted to keeping it chained up outside. Many people opt for chaining their bicycle to their fence due to it being sturdy and a good spot where the lock cannot be tampered with easily. While storing your bike next to the fence may be a good idea for several reasons, it can also be problematic if you're concerned with the condition of your fence in the long run. To get the fence back in shape, consider the following tips so that the fence can appear exactly as it did before the bike was leaned against it.

Get Pressure Washing Done

When anything is leaned against your fence for a long period of time, it can distort it and change the coloring. This is especially true for wood fences or other materials that are painted. If you notice that the fence seems discolored and you want to get it back to looking like new again, it's important to get pressure washing done. With pressure washing taken care of, you can make sure that your fence looks like new and that any coloring problems are erased away.

Remove Any Evidence of Bike Locks

One way to ensure that your fence looks great again is to take away any sign of bike locks since they can discolor the fence or scrape against it and damage it. You may have some leftover locks still attached to the fence, making your fence look worn down. Some evidence may not be entire bike locks, but small pieces of one still stuck on or discoloration just from where the lock was. Paying close attention to these areas can help ensure that you're able to get an improvement in the way that your fence looks.

Get a New Bike Rack Set Up Nearby

In order for you to keep your fence looking nice after the cleaning has been done, you need to make arrangements for where the bikes will be laid down later. A good way to ensure that they have a space to go and your fence won't be damaged later is by setting up a covered bike rack nearby. Having a convenient space to store your bike will prevent you from leaning it against the fence in the future and causing damage again.

As you prepare for having your fence fixed up, you should consider what kinds of problems the leaning bike may have caused and what exactly you can do to fix the issues. For more information about fence maintenance and repairs, contact companies like Buyrningwood Farm Inc.