Fall Is The Perfect Time To Install A New Fence

22 November 2016
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Autumn is in the air! With the days growing colder and shorter, it might not seem like the best season to be starting outdoor projects like installing a new fence. However, fall is actually a great time to fence in your property or to replace your current fence. Here's a closer look.

Benefits of Installing A Fence In The Fall

Fencing companies will have more availability. Everyone wants a new fence in the summer, but fall isn't such a high-demand season. Your fencing company might be more flexible with scheduling because of this. Some even offer discounts in order to attract off-season customers.

It will be ready and waiting in the spring. When spring comes, everyone is typically itching to get outside. Your kids will want to play in the yard, and you'll want to let the dog out to run, too. Both of these things are easier with a fence, so having the fence installed now (in the fall) will ensure you can start spring off with a bang by putting your yard to use right away.

Most foliage is dormant. If you have bushes or shrubs along the fenceline, installing fence in the summer is tough since you may need to trim these shrubs—and trimming them during the heat of summer can sometimes damage them. Fall is when you should be trimming these bushes, so you can cut them back to make fence installation easier without causing ill effects.

Things To Remember

You'll need to be patient with installation times. It might take your fence company a few more days to install a fence in the fall than in the summer. This is because daylight hours are shorter and because they're more likely to be interrupted by bad weather, forcing them to take days off in the middle of the project.

It's best to have the wood treated before the fence is built. If you're building a wooden fence, make sure your fence company uses pre-treated lumber. When you have a fence installed during nice weather in the summer, it's easy enough to paint or stain the fence once it's standing. But with winter just around the corner, you want to ensure your fence is prepared and protected as soon as cold weather hits.

To learn more about having a fence put up in the fall, contact a fencing company in your area, such as Gatlin Fence Company. You should have no trouble scheduling an estimate during this less-busy season.