Have A Painted Vinyl Fence And Don't Like The Color? How To Change It

16 November 2016
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If you recently purchased a home and property with a vinyl fence, but you do not like the color of the vinyl fence, that is easily changed. If the fence is already painted a color you do not like, it is still easier to change the color on that vinyl fence than on a wood fence. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started on this weekend project.

Easy-Strip Paint Remover

Most vinyl fences are white or beige. If you scratch the paint coating your vinyl fence and find that it is either of these two colors underneath, and you like it, you can strip the fence of its paint with an easy-strip paint remover. The vinyl fence's true color underneath will be unaffected, since white or beige is the color of the plastic made in the factory. The easy-strip paint remover is painted on, then you leave it sitting for a few minutes while it eats through the paint. Once the paint bubbles up, you can use a paint scraper to slough off the paint in sheets. 

Paint over the Old Paint

If you decide you do not like white or beige vinyl, or you simply do not like whichever of these colors the fence is (under the paint), then you can just paint over the paint. Vinyl fences are best suited to acrylic paint, since the acrylic polymer in the paint will bond with the other paint and/or a bare vinyl fence more easily than an oil-based paint. You can use a brush, a roller or even a spray gun to apply the paint color you would prefer.

Sand It Off

This is the most aggressive and most strenuous means of removing the old paint from your vinyl fence. However, you do not have to deal with all the toxic residues of paint stripper, nor do you have to concern yourself with the stripped paint sludge after you have applied stripper and scraped it from your fence. The circular sander or belt sander buffs it off in easy strokes.

If you are able, you can rent a "sandless" sander that harvests everything you sand away and puts the paint dust inside a bag behind the sander. Doing it this way protects you, the environment, and the local wildlife from any toxins in the paint that was previously used to paint the fence. You can find all of these items at a hardware and tool rental store. For more information, contact a company like Family Fence Company.